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Banking Services

Banking Services banks and financial institutions


Low Fees - Blockchain platform allows to get rid of intermediaries and minimize transfer fees

Instant Transfers - Low Fees The decentralized platform can process more than 100,000 transactions per second and perform operations with a speed of 0.01 seconds.

No Territorial limits - Сryptocurrencies do not depend on county boundaries.

No currency limits - OTC Finance is friendly to all fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is possible to store, to pay in cryptocurrencies, to conduct transfers and to take loans.


Creating cryptobank loyal to crypto community and services related to crypto currencies and blockchain technology.


OTC Finance offers its clients a multifunctional platform of banking service, which represents a hybrid system combining digital and traditional currencies.
The use of digital currencies makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee practically all-round acceptance and validity.
One account combination allows clients simultaneously using advantages of both types of currencies. The number of companies offering its services online increases while implementing IT-technologies in daily life in the whole world.
Finances, education, health, trade and entertainment become actively digital in order to satisfy requirements of available clients and attract new ones.
OTC Finance will become a fully digital bank, accessible all over the world and at any moment. It will make all functions of a typical bank but without any bank departments and front-offices maximum relying on new digital technologies. This will allow OTC Finance to become one of the most inexpensive banks in the world with very profitable level of cost-to-profit ratio

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