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Blockchain Consulting Services

Develop and Deploy Blockchain Fit Solutions to Give Your Business the Boost it Needs.

Public Blockchain PaaS/SaaS Development


If your product requires complete transparency and you want to deploy a public Blockchain such as Ethereum, Stellar, NEM and Hyperledger among several others, we create a complete Plug-n-Play (PnP) solution for you to deploy directly on the mainnet. Common use cases include Supply Chain Management, Banking Solutions, Blockchain Wallet and pay-per-use services.

Private Blockchain Paas/SaaS Development


If you require a federated/permissioned blockchain with a requirement to control access to certain data, we create solutions based on Hyperledger (all variants), R3 Corda, and Multichain etc among several others. Common examples include federated supply chain management, intra-company management, and controlled operations management.

Smart Contract Development and Deployment


We develop Smart Contracts in all major programming languages, from Solidity and Golang to Kotlin. Smart Contracts enable you to automate tasks by implementing logic and rules to govern transactions.

Blockchain Product Development


Whether you require a Solutions Architect to help you find your Blockchain fitment, or, are looking for ironing out the kinks in your existing implementations, our team of Blockchain Professionals will help you find the right Blockchain technology, customized as per your requirements and your industry.

Blockchain-Mobile App Integration


Seamlessly integrate your Blockchain product to mobile apps via REST APIs to allow your clients stay connected and perform operations on-the-go via intuitive mobile apps.


Logistics and Trasnport

Alternative energy production

Medical & Legal

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

Insurance Sector


Non-Profit Foundation & Philanthropy

Banking & Fintech


Real Estate

Choose from several Blockchain Technologies to deploy your Business, OR, Consult us to find your blockchain fit solution.

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