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Mining Equipment

Swiss Quality Mining Solutions for Businesses

Innovative Mining-Solutions With Swiss Quality

OTC Finance plans, implements, maintains and successfully expands profit-oriented mining infrastructures. In doing so, we make use of the latest technology and modern energies and operate at various locations in Switzerland and abroad with reliable partners. The SD Group AG acts independently, on its own responsibility and in accordance with our mission statement.

What we do

OTC Finance builds and operates hard- and software for the mining process in blockchain systems at the best economic conditions. These include the best technologies, the lowest electricity prices and a politically stable environment. Beside the core business of mining the company is involved in many other relevant and profitable projects in the blockchain industry not only to diversify its portfolio but to secure the business model and stay up to date.

Where we stand today

With our own capital we have independently built up a mining farm with around 400 miners in order to acquire the necessary know-how about the mining industry. When the BTC course was corrected at the beginning of 2018, OTC Finance acted solution-oriented and specialised in optimising mining as much as possible. In a first step we constructed new products (Mining Containers, Hosting ex.), by this step we could already eliminate a large part of our fixed costs. As of today, we are the only state-funded / subsidized mining company in Switzerland and have an exclusive right to realize the first large-scale project in Lithuania, with a capacity of up to 300 MW, on an area of 30000 square meters.


B2C Mining Solutions. Hard- and Software.

Strategic consulting for other mining farms.

B2B Mining Solutions. Hard- and Software.

Strategic consulting and cooperation with electricity utilities.

Why choosing OTC Finance

Instead of having a large white paper we have a functional product and running company which is ready to expand after years of testing and growing.
Young and powerfull but experienced team of entrepreneurs with a clear focus on doing instead of just talking.
Innovative and flexible business model, risk oriented with a wide diversification and clear understanding of the market supported by a huge network.
OTC Finance is the only state-funded / subsidized mining company in Switzerland.

Make A Difference With OTC Finance