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OTC Investment

OTC Finance investment

How It Works

Democratizing quant trading. Access automated trading strategies with $1000 USD minimum. Sign agreement and receive passive income monthly up to 12%.

Designed to perform in any market. Watch your portfolio switch to stablecoins when the market is expected to be moving down and back to coins when it’s signalling a move up. All this work will be done by our experts in your behalf.

Set up based on your personal preferences. Choose between conservative, balanced, and growth portfolio in long term.

After agreement is signed just track as it grows. Strategies are optimised for minimum 3-6 months holding period up to 36 month with pre mature initial deposit cashout if required.

Cash-out at any time. Withdraw without penalty your initial deposit or receive your profit every 30 days directly to your bitcoin wallet or bank account.

We make money, only when you do. No entry, exit, or management fees, the only fee is 2.5% of your profits (with MCO staked) or 3.5% (without MCO staked)

Why Invest?

We are working with small, medium and even large cryptocurrency industry players and offering wide range cryptocurrency, blockchain and legal solutions to our customers.

Crypto is future and in crypto we trust. You can start with just 1000$, sign agreement with us and see how your investment is being handled and your portfolio will increasy month by month.

Make A Difference With OTC Finance