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Cryptocurrency Exchange

We are offering fast cryptocurrency exchange to FIAT currencies all over the world based on legal agreement relationship.

We have been engaged in these services for years, so the legal basis is sufficient to formally meet the requirements of any country and the transaction is within the jurisdiction in which the transaction takes place.

We have bank accounts in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Latvia to meet our client needs and fast FIAT transactions.


We are loyal to each our customer. All trades are based on following agreements: “BITCOIN-SALE-AND-PURCHASE-TRADING-AGREEMENT”, “LOI-AGREEMENT- including SWIFT code MT103.72” and “PARTNERSHIP_AGREEMENT_FOR_INVESTOR”.

Areas of Expertise

OTC exchanges are more and more popular for today because of high liquidity and its simplier for every day users make one or more trades directly to bank account at any amount with LOW AML/KYC requirements. Less fees and Higher limits than in regular online exchanges and brokers.

Safe exchange based on Agreement and bank guarantee letters.

Small test trades available

FAST - SEPA EXPRESS transfers takes just few business hours

Simple and fast AML/KYC procedure for first trade

CONFIDENTIALITY - Neither Party shall disclose the contents of this LOI or any documentation or correspondence between the Parties or of any details relating to the negotiations, information or data received by the other Party in relation to this LOI or the associated transaction, without the written consent of the other Party.

We, we are accepting all TOP cryptocurrencies based on blockchain.com currency rate with just a small fee depending on trade amount. All the details will be included in agreements so you will know the exact amount at moment when you will sign agreement.

Yes we are selling cryptocurrencies. Starting from start volumes ending to really high on daily basis.

We will sign agreement with you with your required cryptocurrency amount and fixed price, small test trades available, right after we receive copy of transaction and bank will confirm the funds, we send out cryptocurrency instantly.

For your knowledge, to accept FIAT payments from our clients we are required to follow all AML and KYC rules.

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