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FIAT / Crypto invest [ Start building your financial future with OTCFinance ]

FIAT / Crypto invest [ Start building your financial future with OTCFinance ]

“We continuously invest in most modern IT solutions and infrastructure simplify processes and tools, so you find investing easy yet very effective.”

OTC Finance is the ultimate alternative investment marketplace with starting from 10% return on investment and easy to use cutting edge investment tools. With OTC Finance you earn your lifestyle investing in cryptocurrency technologies and consumer loans originated by credible non-banking lenders from across the World. We strongly believe that passive income guarantees stable economy and better lifestyle hence our mission is to bring passive income to everyone.

Areas of Expertise

We are offering such services as investing, cryptocurrency exchange and trade based on LOI. OTC Trades for large volumes and coorporate clients. Mining equipment shop and hosting in Ukraine. Blockchain and ICO Technologies. In crypto we trust and our wealth is our team that we have united through these years of hard work.

Only experienced market players

We collaborate with only experienced businesses and partners all ower the world.

Maintain full control

Our clever yet simple Auto-invest will do the work for you. Unless, of course, you prefer investing manually which is also very easy with us or in urgent situation you can always cancel your agreement without extra costs and request back your initial investment at any time without any hidden fees.

End long-term investment

You can always close your position and receive full investment back even right after agreement signed. We are not locking your funds for year or more so you can feel safe because your funds will be accessible at any time 24/7 after your first request.

No currency risk

There are no currency risks for you. If you invest in FIAT currencies, you receive your monthly profit in the same currency which you invested. If you invest with cryptocurrency, your profit will be also sent in cryptocurrencies directly to your wallet without FIAT/CRYPTO conversations.

Buyback guarantee

If you select long term cooperation or invest in stable long term project for example 12-24 month guaranteed return 10% monthly but you need your investment earlier? There is no reason to worry because your agreement can be canceled with 100% buyback guarantee and all shared will be bought by OTC Finance with 0 % fee. For example you invest 10 000$ in 12 month project at 10% monthly rate, you can cancel your agreement at any time you want and receive your full investment back.

Start with as little as 1000$

We want to bring passive income to everybody so you can start by investing as little as 1000$.

Make A Difference With OTC Finance